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Opiate Rehabilitation

Through Bonner Rehab, we are pleased to offer medication-assisted opiate rehabilitation treatment. 


Our opiate rehab program consists of ongoing management of opiate addiction supplemented with buprenorphine/ naloxone therapy to minimize cravings. We integrate multiple treatment modalities, including psycho-social support and counseling.

We recognize the difficulty of giving up opiates after becoming dependent. That is why we offer buprenorphine/naloxone-based medication-assisted treatment to smooth the transition and reduce cravings during withdrawal. Medication-assisted treatment offers such a path away from opiate dependence.

For some patients, we are now able to administer Sublocade injections. For those who are stable on medication-assisted treatment, Sublocade is a monthly injection that frees patients from the need to take a daily rehab medication.


Please note that this is a self-pay only program. However, most patients are able to use insurance to cover ancillary costs, such as medication and urine drug screens.  Please contact our office at (804) 282-6953 for further information and to discuss additional rehabilitation requirements. If you are ready to move forward and change your life for the better, please call us now.

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